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p52.3: ARTISTRY | week 3

February 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome to Week Three of p52.3 : Artistry. For the next few weeks, we are going to be examining the role of the audience on our photography.  After all, what is art without someone to experience it?  That said, can worrying too much about what others will think of our work change the work and in what ways.  Does it alter how we approach our photography?  How we set up our shots?  How we edit?  What we share?  Are we driven by a desire to improve, to more clearly communicate our vision, or are we simply seeking approval? As a first entry into the topic of audience, this week we are sharing a selection of photos with a brief explanation of the intended audience and how that audience factored into the photographic process.  

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I always want to believe that I am shooting purely for myself. For my own pleasure and that I will be my sole critic. But I know that is a little lie I tell myself so I don't get too self conscious. The truth is that with every shot I take I assume others will see it. And worse, that others will judge it. I'm not always clear who those "others" are though. Or if their assumed presence is a hindrance or a help. This series of photos from my summer vacation is a prime example of images I took "for myself" yet with the idea that they would be seen by a wider unknown audience at some time.


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