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p52.3: ARTISTRY | week 2

February 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This week is an introduction to the Artists of Who We Become. Yes, we said it, Artists. We even put a capital ‘A’ on it! Introducing ourselves as artists is pretty terrifying for most of us. It makes us vulnerable to put ourselves “out there” so boldly when we have so many questions and doubts inside. But this is the journey that we are ready to embark on and first steps can be tough.

We have spent the last few weeks exploring our fears and creating personal goals. This week each Artist has prepared a short bio including our goals and dreams for this year’s project and perhaps beyond. We will revisit this exercise a few times over the year to see where we are and how our goals have evolved. A periodic gut check to keep us always moving forward, even if we are unclear of the ultimate destination.

Below is my bio including two recent images; one fairly typical and one new conceptual. To see our collective blog post please visit Who We Become.

architect • photographer • mama • DC area transplant. That's my quickie social media bio and good enough as a broad stroke description. Although I have added architectural photography to my professional skills, photography has been something I enjoy doing primarily for my own pleasure. I have delved deep into photography over the last few years, with the support of this wonderful group, and it has changed the way I see the world and express myself.

To date, the subjects of most of my work are my children and of found scenes. I love to capture images of people in relation to the space around them, but I would like to explore more conceptual work. I would like to begin to design, plan and execute photo shoots and perhaps work with models. I strive for a beautiful image with a vivid mood that tells an intriguing story and I would like to do that in a more deliberate way. I do have some specific goals that I have begun actively working towards this year including: having a photo used as a book or album cover, being published in a magazine, being selected for a juried show, and creating my own gallery show.


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