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p52.2: FRAMED | week 50

September 14, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome to week 50 of p52.2: Framed. September we are playing with creative composition techniques and this week we are intentionally shooting out of focus. Focus is a big deal in photography. Removing focus changes the story, changes what the viewers' eyes see.

This week we visited the National Gallery of Art to see an exhibit on the impressionist painters Degas and Cassatt and their artistic collaborative relationship. I was inspired by Degas's process of working and reworking a particular subject many times and revisiting it over many years. The process, not the product, was his work. A subject that he found worthy of study, was worthy of even more study. Just about a year ago I shot one of my favorite images, which is intentionally out of focus, at the National Gallery. After the Degas exhibit, I visited that same spot and, taking a lesson from Degas, worked that subject again.

I am working on this year long project with a wonderful group of photographers at Who We Become. Please check out our collaborative blog post HERE where you can see all of our images from this week in one beautiful place!


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