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p52.2: FRAMED | week 47

September 16, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome to week 47 of p52.2:Framed. For our fourth week of classic compositional techniques, we are focusing on the golden spiral, which is a compositional tool based on Fibonacci’s Ratio and the golden rectangle. To create a golden spiral, start by dividing a rectangle in to two parts, a square and a smaller rectangle. Continue to divide the resulting rectangles the same way. A spiral is drawn from the series of squares and provides a way to guide the viewer’s eye to the area of focus in a photo. This spiral is often referred to as the "divine proportion" because of the numerous places it appears in nature — the spiral of a Nautilus shell, or the patterns of a flower or pinecone. Like its many uses in art and architecture, using the golden spiral in photography can add depth and a sense of balance.

I am working on this year long project with a wonderful group of photographers at Who We Become. Please check out our collaborative blog post HERE where you can see all of our images from this week in one beautiful place!


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