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P52.2: FRAMED | week 1

October 06, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome to the first week of Photo 52.2: FRAMED! I just wrapped up a year long blog circle project with a fabulous group of photographers and friends called Photo 52: Project Light. It was a great experience so we decided to start a new project but mix it up a little bit. First, we picked a new topic for this year; exploring composition and elements of design. Also, instead of a blog circle to link us, we have created a website Who We Become where you can see all of our weekly images in one beautiful place. You can even link from there to our individual blogs if you want to see more.

For the first month we are exploring geometry and week 1 we are seeking out shapes to frame a subject. My front door sees a lot of action in our busy home. Constantly coming and going and watching the neighborhood go by on our active street, my girls are often framed by it's repeating rectangles.

Please visit our collaborative website Who We Become to see all of the beautiful images that my lovely friends created this week.

40-Pf_J2014 41-Pf_J2014


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