P52.2: FRAMED | week 23

March 09, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome to week 23 of project Photo 52.2: Framed! Last week, we sought patterns to bring a sense of rhythm and harmony to our photos. However, patterns on their own can feel somewhat lacking – patterns can set a scene, but do not really create a point of interest to hold the viewer’s gaze. Breaking the pattern in an unexpected way can add the tension and vitality that transforms a scene from interesting to captivating. Our attention is riveted to object or person that disturbs the pattern, and the properties of the pattern itself are accentuated by the interruption.

Please visit Who We Become which is our year-long collaborative blog project dedicated to composition and artistry. The gallery mosaic is a beautiful way to see all of our images in one place. Please click on the individual images to see a larger version on the artist's website and, in some cases, a series of related images.


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