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June 09, 2013  •  13 Comments

It is week 40 of the Photo 52: Project Light blog circle. This month's topic is directional light which basically means that the primary light source is from only one direction. This weekend we visited the butterfly exhibit at our local botanical garden. In the greenhouse that afternoon our light source was very clearly the bright sun directly over head.

Photo 52: Project Light is a collaborative year long project I am working on with several other talented photographers. To see all of our submissions for this week just follow the links at the bottom of each blog post. (For more information on Project Light click on my premier post.)

Next click on over to visit Stacey Vukelj and see her interpretation of directional light this week. Then please continue around the blog circle to see all of our plays with light.


And now a little postscript story.

As I edited the above image there was something about it that struck me. I liked the image, but there was a familiarity to it that I just couldn't put my finger on. I tried editing it several ways, even in black & white, but it just didn't look quite "right" unless it was in color and with high contrast. So I finished my edit, composed my post above and, finally done for the night, I turn around and see on the shelf this framed photo. My father took this picture of my sister and I at a botanical garden when we were about the same ages as my girls today and equally bored. Love it!



Erica G.(non-registered)
What a great set of photos! I love the multi-generational take. beautiful.
Julie M(non-registered)
I loved your postscript! Hilarious! And that first photo is just so striking - I love the lighting, and the curve of the hand with the lines in the ceiling lead me right to the butterfly.
Jess Love(non-registered)
That is so cool! Love both photos.
Somehow I think I have been waiting for you to re-take that photo of us. Love it.
Daddy said "that looks familiar." I painted that picture. It's above your bed in the guest room.
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