Photo 52: Project Light | playing with black & white -2

February 10, 2013  •  9 Comments


What's that floatin' in the water? Oh, Neptune's only daughter.

               ~PIXIES: Mr. Grieves


Here we are on week 2 of seeing in black & white of Photo 52: Project Light. Water has been a strong influence over here lately. With extra swim lessons and subsequent baths we dream about our upcoming island adventure in the spring.



Photo 52: Project Light is a collaborative year long project I am working on with several other talented photographers. To see all of our submissions for this week just follow the links at the bottom of each blog post. (For more information on Project Light click on my premier post.)

Next head over to Brooklyn to experience the gorgeous artistic vision of Kelly Patton of KRox Photography. Then continue around the circle to see all of our black & white visions.


Oh my goodness you are nailing the out-of-focus dreqmy vibe this month! Beautiful work.
Erica Collins(non-registered)
You are really rocking it this month, Lisa! This is gorgeous. I love the gentle movement of the water and her peaceful expression. Beautiful!
This is stunning! I love the feel of this photograph and your conversion is beautiful and soft...
Kelly P(non-registered)
Love love love - perfection. I love the conversion, too - it's a light touch, a perfect conversion to transform the story and feeling you are aiming to convey. One of my favorites from you, Lisa.
very cool photo. love the texture of the water and grainy/dreamy look to it.
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