P52.2: FRAMED | week 4

October 27, 2013  •  1 Comment

Welcome back to Photo 52.2: FRAMED where we will be spending a full year exploring composition and elements of design. For the first month we are exploring geometry by finding shapes for framing, repetition and balance. In week 4 we are attempting to explore those ideas further and to bring it all together.

Please visit our collaborative website Who We Become to see all of the beautiful images that my lovely friends created this week. You can click on our images in the mosaic to link to our individual blogs where you can see more of this week's theme.



Julie Kiernan(non-registered)
Not only is the geometry fantastic in this image, but your use of light and contrast really make this image. I am so glad we studied light first, and now composition. I see both in our images each week and it just makes them so much more dynamic. You nailed it!
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