Photo 52: Project Light | playing with hard light (week 2)

November 11, 2012  •  5 Comments


Without mathematics there is no art.
           –Luca Pacioli


We are on week 10 of Photo 52: Project Light and this month's topic is hard light. (See my past post for a brief explanation of hard light.) This month I am also taking a photography course on composition and creativity. We have been learning about the proportions of the Golden Ratio and how math has been used historically to create more "perfect" compositions with these natural proportions. It's been a great deal of fun revisiting this topic from my architecture school days and applying it in a brand new way for me in my photography. It seemed appropriate to frame my aspiring scientist daughter in the geometry of Phi this week.



Photo 52: Project Light is a collaborative project I am working on with several other talented photographers. To see all of our submissions for this week just follow the links at the bottom of each blog post. (For more information on Project 52 click on my premier post.)

Next up in the circle we head across the pond to my long time friend Linda Hooper. She has been taking her photography to new and creative places lately! I am always excited to see her latest works and so incredibly proud of her as she discovers her "new voice". Please go check her out and continue along the circle to follow all of our creative journeys...


Linda H(non-registered)
Lisa, how cool to frame her in Phi this week! This is a really beautiful portrait and I love your use of the light and shadows! Well done!
Erica Collins(non-registered)
Her eyes are so deep and beautiful. This is a gorgeous capture.
sarah davis(non-registered)
Her expression is flawless.
Justine K(non-registered)
Stunning Lisa - the light adds such a beautiful mood to this image
This one needs to be printed and hung on a wall!
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